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10 Tech Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource

Outsourcing technology is a great way for startups and small businesses to cut costs and boost productivity. Instead of allocating resources to implement and maintain new IT systems, outsourcing enables startups and small businesses to focus on more

Startup Dating Buenos Aires

Startup Dating Buenos Aires will take place on June 13th and it will be an event where each participant will be able to share their ideas within 8 minutes with enterpreneurs , experts and investors so after the

Latin American Outsourcing Summit

Latin America Emerges as a Critical Player on the Outsourcing Playing Field

IAOP’s third annual Latin America Outsourcing Summit is taking place December 3-5 in San Jose, Costa Rica at the InterContinental hotel and will bring together IAOP’s global

Bring your dollars to Argentina : passes tax amnesty law passed

The new law was approved by Congress after a marathon debate in which the opposition lambasted the measure for not addressing what it sees as the root cause of the country’s capital flight problem – a lack of

New Data Points to Robust Interest in Latin America Shared Service Centers

Latin America is quickly establishing itself as a preferred destination for global corporations seeking to set up shared service centers (SSC), with more and more players pursuing new locations in Brazil and the Andean states to perform back-office

Putting People Over Profits in Argentina

Scattered throughout Cordoba are six highly motivated employees. While some work from their kitchen table, others work from the cafe on the corner. Some dress for work and others punch the clock in tattered jeans and a t-shirt.


Six design tips for making your website senior friendly

As the internet has become an integral part of modern life the stereotype that older generations tend to avoid using the web has become less and less relevant.

However a new study shows that senior citizens still find websites

How to fix common website design mistakes

You spent months and months designing what you thought would be a great website. You researched colors, logos, and trends tirelessly. Nitpicked every little thing until you got it just right. Or so you thought. Now it’s six

The Evolution Of An Outsourcing Strategy

Guest author John Fearon is CEO of Dropmyemail.com, which backs up emails in the cloud and Dropmysite.coma cloud-based backup company.

At any startup, the first hurdle is the lack of resources – lack of funds, lack of manpower,

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